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About Disruption Now

With over 100 videos released online and several virtual events in the last two years, Disruption Now has been a SUCCESS because of you.  

Because of you, we are proud to give writers, artists, and creatives of color an opportunity to have their work seen by thousands of people through platforms. 

Because of you, we’ve been able to connect hundreds of entrepreneurs and supporters with movers and shakers who are making strides in the business, tech, and art industry with past guests including Arlan Hamilton, Jewel Burks-Solomon, Mac Conwell, Ronne Brown, Clarence Wooten, Dawn Dickson, and Rodney Williams. 

We believe innovation and change happen when more people step up, ask questions and demand more. We want to ask the questions that others won’t and give a voice to those who have none. We’re convinced innovative thinking is needed in our government, our economy, and our society at large now more than ever.  

Disruption Now Media is a platform that connects black and brown entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders through interactive events, educational content, podcasts and virtual summits. 

Rob has been the Keynote Speaker at events such as the University of Cincinnati Commencement, the National Society of Black Engineers region Four Conference, Global Entrepreneurship Week, the University of Cincinnati College of Law and the Ohio MBE awards to name a few.

Today, Disruption Now continues to need your support. Our growing audience has allowed us to share the love with other talented creators and bring you exclusive and original content from DN Media Agency, Disruption Now, and DisruptArt.  

Rob Richardson is the host of Disruption Now Podcast and has appeared on MSNBC, America this Week, and is a weekly contributor to Roland Martin Unfiltered. Whether you make a monthly contribution of $3, $8, or $15 is greatly appreciated! 

Thank you always, Rob Richardson

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