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Disruption Now’s mission is to disrupt common narratives and constructs in black and brown communities. Be it through business innovation or social activism, we at Disruption Now are always looking to push the boundaries and give people hope for a better future.

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Karla Ferguson: Black Art and Activism

Karla Ferguson is a black art activist and believes in the power of art to challenge the status quo and tell stories of the marginalized.


Sleep And Willpower

There are many things about the human experience that the more we learn about, the less we understand.


Creating Wakanda with Brian Brackeen

Brian Brackeen is creating a real Wakanda by investing in black and brown entrepreneurs all across the country.


Ronne Brown Unashamed: Mopping Floors to Making Millions

CEO and Founder of GirlCEO© and author of From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram.

LaResePurnell -Feature-Image

The Art of Black Entrepreneurship

LaRese Purnell spent part of his childhood watching his mother struggle and living in homeless shelters and sometimes went without meals.


How to be bold, black and thrive in business.

Black women are often told they have to choose between being their authentic self or being successful.

Tunde Ogunlana-team-disruption-now

Outliers, A Book By Malcom Gladwell

Are mastery, and opportunity to obtain mastery, overlooked in understanding what makes successful people successful?

Ameshia Cross

COVID-19 is the symptom the virus is our system

Tyrel Ventura and Ameisha Cross discuss the failure of the American system in response to COVID-19.


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